Our commitment - supporting the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association, South Texas Chapter!


A few years back, a decision was made to name the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association, South Texas Chapter, as the charity the Cookoff would like to support.  This year, we are proud to continue with this support.


Thank you, everyone, so much, for your unselfishness and desire to help the ALS Association in their quest to find a cure to this debilitating and deadly disease!



To Find a Cure for and Improve Living with ALS



Click on the above logo for more information by visiting the ALS - South Texas Chapter Website!




The Legend
by Tom Skipper

From The Plains Of Amarillo, To The Big Bend Country We Know, A Tall Mighty Man Roamed Across This Land, Making Friends Wherever He'd Go.

Francis X. Tolbert Was A Hell Of A Man, Texas And Chili He Preached Across The Land. He's The "Godfather Of Chili" Everyone Did Proclaim, Though Most Hadn't Met Him, They All Knew His Name.

His Knowledge Of Texas, Its Legends And Lore, Endeared Him To Texans Forever More. His Claims To Fame Were Too Many To Name, And Now One Is Behind The Store.

In '67 It Started In Jest At A Place Called Terlingua, Way Out West. Where Coyotes Made Their Rounds When The Sun Went Down, And The Contestants Prepared For The Test.

From That First Contest When Entrants Were Few, This New Kind Of Craziness Grew And Grew, Now, From Far And Wide, Folks Made The Long Ride To Cook Or Taste This Flaming Red Brew.

Now When The Wind Blows Across This Land Of The Purple Sage And The Shifting Sand, It Whispers "Frank", And We Understand He Loved Big Bend - It Was His Kind Of Land.

There's A New Resident In The Old Ghost Town, Softly And Quietly Making The Rounds, Waiting Until November's First Weekend, When His Faithful Followers Return Again.

Although The Godfather Is With Us No More, His Influence Is Just As Strong As Before. A Legend Is Forever And Ever More, "Viva Terlingua - Behind The Store".



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